Standing Awards

Traditional plaques on a wall are timeless and lovely, but a standing award tends to have more of an impact.

At Vermont Awards & Engraving, we have the ability to use sand-carved crystal, stone, bricks, and full-color sublimation in acrylic, wood, and art glass. This allows our award engravers to craft the perfect standing award for every occasion, making all recipients feel special.

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Shield Series Clear Acrylic with Polished Score Lines and Blue Accent
Lattice Pattern Burgundy Acrylic Award
Acrylic Sail Award with Blue Accents
Acrylic Arch Award with Purple Accent and Base
Diamond Shaped Acrylic with Blue Accent
Blue Shooting Star Acrylic in 3 Sizes
Blue Acrylic Award with Mirror Accents
Double Zenith Acrylic Award with Red Accent
Flame Acrylic with Blue Border
Acrylic Award with Blue Background and Jewel Accents
Tower Spotlight Acrylic with Blue Accents
Blue & Green Art Glass Piece
Blue and Violet Art Glass Piece
Flame Shaped Art Glass Award on Clear Base
Red Egg-shaped Art Glass Piece on Clear Base
$95.502.63" x 5.25"
Glass with Clock on Rosewood Base
Clock and 2 Pen Desk Set
Clear and Purple Crystal Award
Fan Shaped Crystal Award with Blue Accents
Faceted Tall Crystal on Blue and Clear Crystal Bases
Majestic Droplet of Optical Crystal Award
Black Crystal Disc Held by Clear Crystal Pillars
Diamond Shaped Crystal with Class
Up Arrow Crystal with Blue and Grey Accents
Crisply Lined Crystal Award
Blue and Clear Peaks
Crystal Arrow Award with Green or Blue Accent
Clear Crystal with Black Pillars
Clear and Black Crystal Award
Many Beveled Ellipse Crystal Award
Arrow Shaped Award with Blue Accents
Heavy Crystal Fan with Red or Blue Accent
Clear Crystal
Vertical Optical Crystal Award with Blue Accent
Green Infused Crystal Award
Blue Infused Crystal Award
Blue or Black Enhanced Crystal Awards
Round, Clear Crystal
Rosewood Piano Finish Desk Clock
Tree of Life European Blown Crystal Vase
Glass And Rosewood Piano-Finish Clock
Gramercy Crystal bowl - Simply Elegant
Rosewood Piano Finished Glass Arch Clock
Handled Crystal Trophy Cup
Crystal Classic Ice Bucket in 2 Sizes
Napoleon Clock
Rosewood Piano Finished Clock
Book Clock With Mahogany Finish
Book Clock in Rosewood Piano-Finish
Large Book Plaque Clock, Mahogany Finish
Rosewood Piano Finish Arch Clock
24% Lead Crystal Trophy Cup in 3 sizes
Beveled Glass Clock With Wood Accent
Harlequin Crystal Award Bowl
Stone and Metal Award in 3 Sizes
Concave Modern Crystal Award on Base
Blue Anemone Art Glass 4 Sizes
Covid-19 Hero Acrylic Award
Hand Blown Glass Piece with 3 Base Options
Crystal Cube Paperweight In 6 Sizes
Frosted Hand Blown Art Glass
Peacock Feather Art Glass - iridescent!
Watercolor Standing Acrylic Plaque
Curved Jade Crystal on Black Base
Stained Glass, Colored Acrylic Award
Curved Jade Crystal on Silver Base
Covid-19 Hero Acrylic Award
Acrylic Rainbow Triangle Standing Plaque
Gold or Silver Infinity Award, Marble Base
Colorful acrylics in 2 sizes
Gold or Silver Infinity Award, Ebony Base
Colored Acrylic Star Awards
Round Acrylic In Metal Base, Standing Plaque
Round Acrylic In Metal Base, Standing Award
Round Acrylic In Metal Base
Artistic Acrylic Award
Artistic Acrylic Award In 4 Designs
Surf Art Glass on Contoured Base
Shooting Star Acrylics - 3 Colors 3 Sizes
Surf Art Glass on Twisted Pillar
Sunburst Colored Acrylic - 3 Color & Sizes
Surf Art Glass on Tall Pillar & Blue Base
Surf Art Glass on Clear Base
Acrylic Standing Awards 6 Colors 2 Sizes
Surf Art Glass on Marble Base & Plate
Acrylic Floating Diamond 2 Colors 3 Sizes
Surf Art Glass on Marble Base & Plate
Art Glass "People" Award In 2 Sizes
Surf Art Glass on Crystal, Base 3 colors
Twisted Spire Art Glass
Surf Art Glass on Crystal, Base 3 colors
Art Glass "People" Award
Surf Art Glass on Aluminum Pillar
Bull Market
Art Glass Sphere Award on Base
Obelisk Crystal Award in 2 Sizes
Cooperation Award
Carved Crystal Eagle On Black Base
Spinning Crystal Globe Award Black Base
Green Fused Glass and Metal Award
American Made Walnut Flag Box on base
Crystal Gavel On Black Base
Crystal Trophy Cup On Black Base 3 Sizes
Round Bowl with Etched Continents
Contemporary Mountain Award
Optical Crystal Ball in 3 Sizes
Large Faceted Crystal Award
Crystal Globe On Crystal Base In 3 Sizes
Crystal tablet With Silver Stars
Thick Lead Free Crystal Bowl
Crystal Oval on Base
Many Blues Art Glass Piece
Silver Metal Star On Crystal Base
Kurt McVay Standing Glass Award
Blue Crystal Floating Diamond
Thomas Kelly Splash Award
Crystal Oval On Blue Base
Orfeo Quagliata Boiled Glass Award
Clear Crystal Diamond On Blue Base
Mark Rosenbaum Large Vase
Classic Achievement Trophy
Crystal Spinning Globe Award on Base
Curved Jade Crystal on Gold Base
Crystal Dome With Globe on Black Base
Clear Crystal With Inset Globe Blue Base
Circular Starfire Crystal Award
Tablet Crystal Award With Blue Accent
57 - 74
Crystal Diamond Many Faceted, Black Base
Covid-19 Star
Star Trophy on Rosewood Piano Finish Base
Crystal Spinning Globe on Black Base
Crystal Oblong Black Accents In 2 Sizes
Crystal Award with Globe In 4 Sizes
Blue Globe On Clear Crystal Base
Star Trophy On Rosewood Piano Finish Base
Gold Star Figure on American Walnut Base
Star Award with Gold Star Casting on Walnut Base
Round Crystal Desk Clock
Crystal Arch Clock
Crystal Globe Held By Metal Atlas
Gold And Silver Spinning Globe
American Walnut Gavels
Triangle Crystal in Circular Metal Stand
Crystal and Cast Metal Award
Acrylic in Blue & Black & Silver Highlights
Optical Crystal Award
Colored Acrylic Standing Plaque
Rosewood Book Award Color Sublimation
Multi-Media Years of Service Awards
Scalloped Top Vase with Heavy Base
Mixed-Media Award with Blue Accent
Rosewood Piano Finish Desk Set
Crystal, Metal & Stone Award
Glass and Marble Award
Agate and Glass Award
Bamboo Plaques - The "Green" Alternative
Metals and Glass Award
Marble, Metal and Glass Award
Heavy Crystal Vase in 3 Sizes
Metal and Marble Star Award
Crystal and Metal Star Vase Award
Optical Crystal Clock
Optical Crystal Award & Black Granite Base
Optical Crystal V-shaped Award Black Base
Sapphire Glass Award
Freestanding Optical Crystal Disc on Black Base
Optical Crystal Diamond Pillars Award
Curved Optical Crystal award on Base
Unique Shape In Optical Crystal 3 Sizes
Unique Optical Crystal with Blue Base
Uniquely Shaped Optical Crystal Green Accent
Optical Crystal Unique Shape Yellow Accent
Optical Crystal with Unique Shape and Blue Accent
Optical Crystal Unique Shape Gold Accent
Optical Crystal Torch In 3 Sizes
Raging Bull Optical Crystal Black Base
3D Etched Globe Optical Crystal 3 Sizes
Optical Crystal Globe Chrome Pedestal
Freestanding Eagle Head In Optical Crystal
Eagle on Cliff in Optical Crystal
Crystal Elephant on Clear or Black Base
Triple Dolphin Sculpture Optical Crystal
Running Horse In Optical Crystal
Polar Bear With Cubs In Optical Crystal
Mother Dolphin With Baby Optical Crystal
Moose Sculpture In Optical Crystal
Ebony Art Glass with Clear of Black Base
Arced Optical Crystal Bookends
Triangular Optical Crystal Bookends
Starfire Crystal Two-Toned Award
Crystal Mountain Peak In 2 Colors
Glass Arch Series With Gold Metal Base
Crystal Award with Sidebar In 2 Colors
Rosewood Pen With Box
Glass Award With Blue Glass Accent
Round Crystal Award in 3 Sizes
Crystal Maple Leaf on Green Base
Blue And Black Glass Award In 3 Sizes
Angular Modern Crystal Award on Base
Stunning Art Glass Sphere
Flame Jade Glass Award In 3 Sizes
Jade Slanted Top Glass Award In 3 Sizes
Crystal and Aluminum Mixed Media Award
Jade Glass on Metal Base Standing Award
Black Marble Award In 3 Sizes
Crystal Star Paperweight
Black Marble Circle on Triangular Base
Glass Award with Star with Mountain Peak
Black Marble Pyramid In 3 Sizes
Standing Glass Award with Easel Post
Black Marble Obelisk In 3 Sizes
Glass Rectangle Award With Blue Accent
Green And Buff Marble Plaques In 3 Sizes
Art Glass Disk
Black Marble Mortar & Pestle
Art Glass Star with Cobalt, and Gold
Jade Glass Book
Shaking Hands Gold or Silver on Base
Crystal Blue Award in 3 Sizes
Jade Rectangular Glass Award In 3 Sizes
Tapered Crystal Peak Award in 3 Sizes
Art Glass Teardrop Shaped Award
Metal Circle, Gold or Silver, Crystal Base
Emerald Globe on Crystal Base in 4 sizes
Art Glass Egg Shaped Award
Antique Gold Eagle Landing In 3 Sizes
Blue Globe on Crystal Base in 4 sizes
Art Glass Egg Shaped Award
Crystal Circle Stands off Rosewood
Green Optical Crystal Globe on Pedestal
Art Glass With Swirling Blue & Gold Globe
12 Art Glass Awards on rosewood bases
Blue Optical Crystal Globe on Pedestal
Art Glass Orb with Anemones inside!
Black Optical Crystal Globe on Pedestal
Glass Award With Black Glass Accent With Metal Base
Crystal Arms Reach To The Sky
Lovely Art Glass Piece on Clear Base
Glass Award With Black Glass Accent
Amber Free-Form Art Glass Sculpture
Art Glass Piece on Emerald Crystal Base
Diamond Glass Award With Black Accent on Metal Base
Art Glass Piece on Sapphire Crystal Base
Glass Award With Black Glass Accent
Lovely Gold And Red Free Form Star on Base
Art Glass Piece on Black Crystal Base
Purple Art Glass Disk Black Crystal Base
Crystal Award with Blue Globe
Crystal Elephant on Black Crystal Base
Crystal Award With Blue Globe
Crystal Swan On Black Crystal Base
Crystal Award Wedge With Silver Star
Crystal Art Glass in Red, White & Blue
Optical Crystal Oval With Clock
Crystal Art Glass Globe on Crystal Base
Black Marble Triangular Bookends
Optical Crystal Award on Cobalt Blue Base
Sterling Revere Bowls In 2 Sizes
Faceted Optical Crystal with Blue Base
Optical Crystal Diamond Award In 3 Sizes
Acrylic Slanted Top Award In 3 Sizes
Acrylic Peak Award With Blue Accents
Acrylic with Dark Blue Satin Pattern
Acrylic With Dark Red Satin Drape Pattern
Acrylic Clear Award With Blue Base
Acrylic Blue Flame with Clear Bevel
Acrylic Flame With Black Engraving Field
Jade Acrylic Rosewood Piano-finish Accents
Acrylic Award with Blue Accents
Crystal Star Award on Black Base 2 Sizes
Acrylic Award With Black Silk-screening
Faceted Crystal Star On Black Base
Crystal Star Award In 3 Sizes
Acrylic Star Paperweight
Crystal Diamond On Blue Base In 2 Sizes
Clear Acrylic Flame on Black Base
Glass & Rosewood Plaque With Silver Star
Acrylic Flame Series With Red Accents
Acrylic Flame Series With Blue Accents
Acrylic Wedge with Star
Acrylic Octagon With Piano Finish Accents
Jade Acrylic Spire In 3 Sizes
Jade Rectangular Acrylic Award In 3 Sizes
Octagon Standing Plaque in Walnut or Oak
Glass Plaque, Blue Silk-screened Center
Jade Acrylic Flame In 3 Sizes
Jade Acrylic Slanted Award In 3 Sizes
Jade Glass Star Award
Red Alder Arced Clock
Jade Acrylic Flame Standing Plaque
Jade Acrylic With Mahogany Finish Base
Jade Glass Award In 3 Sizes
Jade Acrylic Slanted Award With Blue Accent
Acrylic Arch With Blue Mirror Upright
Arrow Shaped Art Glass
Jade Acrylic Diamond
Teardrop Shaped Art Glass
Clear or Jade Acrylic Diamond In 3 Sizes
Colorful Art Glass Egg on Base
Jade Acrylic Crushed Ice In 3 Sizes
Jade Acrylic Rectangle In 2 Sizes
Diamond-Shaped Glass Black Silk-Screening
Jade Acrylic Free Standing Slant Award
Arrow Shaped Crystal Award Black Accents
Acrylic Black Diamond with Red Border
Jade Acrylic Peak Award & Metal Accents
Slant-Topped Acrylic Award
Jade Acrylic Arch Award In 3 Sizes
Arrow Shaped Acrylic With Blue Accents
Jade Acrylic Diamond On Base In 3 Sizes
Rectangular Acrylic Award With Red Base
Jade Acrylic Beveled Rectangular Award
Jade Acrylic Arch Award With Disc
Jade Acrylic Octagon on Base In 3 Sizes
Glass Clock With World Dial
Jade or Clear Acrylic Slant Top Award
Jade Acrylic Diamond On Base
Premier Crystal Award In 3 Sizes
Jade Acrylic Diamond On Base In 3 Sizes
Acrylic Trophy In 4 Sizes
Jade Acrylic Horizontal Award With Wave Top
Jade Acrylic Beveled Rectangle On Base
Sapphire Globe on Base
Emerald Globe on Base
Emerald Globe on Base
Acrylic Arch With Blue Marbled Background
Brilliantly Colored Art Glass Piece
Multi-Colored Art Glass Piece
Spam Can Trophy
$ By Quote
Red and Black Colored Art Glass Piece
Tropical Colors Art Glass Piece
Blues and Green Art Glass Piece
Full Color Floating Glass Award In Acrylic Base
Acrylic Crescent Award
Clear Acrylic With Blue Marbled Background
Custom Lifetime Achievement Award
Acrylic Award with Dark Green Base
Clear Acrylic With Green Marbled Background
Clear Acrylic With Ruby Marbled Background
Custom Trophy with Six Million Dollar Man
Desk Clock with Glass Photo Frame
Red Alder Desk Clock
Custom Gold Boot Award
Crown on Base Standing Award
custom baseball glove trophy - perpetual
Custom worn shoe trophy - perpetual
Diamond in the Rough
Curved Crystal Crescent on Base
Custom Light Bulb Trophy
Full Color Standing Plaque with Pin
American Walnut Book Award Clock Plaque
American Walnut Book Award Standing Clock
Crystal Revere Bowl
Crystal Years of Service Awards
Rosewood Piano Finished Clock
Crystal Breeze Stars Award
Bronze Eagle Head on Base
Beveled Glass Clock With Wood Accent
Bronze and Glass Eagle Award
Glass Piano-Finish Wood Clock Metal Accent
Eagle Landing on Base - 4 styles
Rosewood Piano Finish Glass Skeleton Clock
Eagle and Flag Trophy
Rosewood Piano Finish Desk Clock
Landing Eagle on Walnut Base - 2 Finishes
Rosewood Piano Finished Arch Clock
Optical Crystal Metal and Blue Accents
Vertical Acrylic with Wave Top
Rosewood Piano Finish Desk Clock
Clear Diamond Acrylic Award, Black Base