Optical Crystal Diamond Award In 3 Sizes

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SKU: K9045
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SKU: K9046
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SKU: K9047

Clear optical crystal diamond multi-faceted award. Another staff favorite.

We sandcarve these awards (similar to sandblasting but with very fine grit and nozzles) from behind, leaving the front smooth. It makes for a lovely deep etch that has depth and clarity. We can paint fill the etching but we think it reduces the 3D look.

This is our engraving for a wonderful Vermont company, Vermont Precision Tools whose CEO, Monica Greene was VT SBA Business Person of the Year in 2015. We are proud to have them as a customer. Comes in presentation box

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Variant Name
Part No.
5 x 7.625 crystal award
Sku: K9045
Dimensions: 5"x1"x7.625"
Material: Glass
Engraving: Special ($.88/character)
5.375 x 8.875 crystal award
Sku: K9046
Dimensions: 5.375"x1"x8.875"
Material: Glass
Engraving: Special ($.88/character)
5.875 x 9.875 crystal award
Sku: K9047
Dimensions: 5.875"x1"x9.875"
Material: Glass
Engraving: Special ($.88/character)

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