Salisbury Pewter Revere Bowl

In 1767 the Sons of Liberty commissioned silversmith and fellow member, Paul Revere, to create a silver “Liberty Bowl” honoring the ninety-two members of the Massachusetts House of Representatives who refused to rescind a letter sent throughout the colonies protesting the Townshend Acts. Our Images Revere bowls honor Paul Revere’s original bowl design in beautiful hand-spun, bright finish pewter.

With our very current engraving software we can create fill patterns that make nice contrast on the sterling-look bowl. Also available in brushed finish for a bit less cost.

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Variant Name
Part No.
9" bowl
Sku: IARB9
Dimensions: 9"x9"x5"
Material: Pewter
Engraving: Special ($.92/character)
7" bowl
Sku: IARB7
Dimensions: 7"x7"x5"
Material: Pewter
Engraving: Special ($.92/character)
5" bowl
Sku: IARB5
Dimensions: 5"x5"x4"
Material: Pewter
Engraving: Special ($.92/character)
4" Bowl
Sku: IARB4
Dimensions: 4"x4"x2"
Material: Pewter
Engraving: Special ($.92/character)