Looking for the perfect trophy to celebrate your accomplishment? Look no further than our custom trophies.

Specializing in custom trophy engraving, we offer a wide variety of custom and resin trophies that are perfect for any occasion. The traditional style trophies are being phased out as the component parts and assembly make them cost prohibitive. We are keeping some trademark pieces (the duck) and very simple pieces that you will see below. There are many resins options that are and shippable! From pewter cups and bowls, to custom medals and ribbons- the possibilities are endless with what we're able to create for your special moment.

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Antique Gold Steering Wheel in 2 Sizes
Stunning Polished Pewter Tavern Pitcher
Stonecastâ„¢ Soaring Eagle
Hand Painted Resin Eagles in 2 Styles
North American Wood Bases in Walnut or Black Finish
Bronze Golfer Trophy on Base
This is Just the Start - Magnificent Walnut Base
This is Just the Start - Super Black Finished Wood Base
4 Tiered Hexagonal Walnut Base
4 Tiered Hexagonal Black Base
Tri Star Resin Trophies in 7 Styles
Nicely Detailed Weighted Plastic Trophies in 2 sizes and 20 (!) Styles
Nicely Detailed Shield Resin Trophies in 11 Styles
Golden Flame Resin Trophies in 5 Styles
Finely Detailed Triangular Resin Trophies in 12 Styles
Cute Ribbon Themed Resin Trophies in 2 sizes
Detailed Gold Resin Trophies in 9 Styles and 2 Sizes
Colorful Sport Resin Trophies in 2 Sizes and 10 Sports
Gold and Black Resin Trophies in 8 Styles and 2 Sizes
Star Resins in 14 styles
Star Resin Trophy for 5 Sports in 3 Sizes
Plate Resins in 20 (!) styles and 2 sizes
Resin Trophies in 6 Styles and 3 Sizes
Gold Resin Figure Trophies
Gas Pump Trophy in 2 Sizes
Steering Wheel Trophy in 2 sizes
BBQ Grill Trophy
Car Grill Resin Trophy
Piston Head Trophy in 3 Sizes
Spark Plug Trophy in 2 Sizes
Lifelike Soccer Ball on Black Base
Gold Plastic Cup on Cherry Vinyl Base
Firefighter Standing Award
Billboard Trophies/Standing Awards
Wide Mouth Cup on Black Base
Piston Trophy Figure on Black Wood Base
Bright Pewter Bowl on Base
Coke Truck on Trophy Base
$By Quote
Vertical Resin Football in Frame on Base
49.50 - 105.50
Arm Chair Quarterback on Base - 2 sizes
64.95 - 113.85
Resin Football on Black Base
Don't We All Need a Compass Now and Then?
Custom Medals
Large Gold Trophy Cup
Crystal Trophy Cup On Black Base 3 Sizes
Crystal And Metal Golf Trophy In 3 Sizes
Classic Achievement Trophy
Cast Metal Achievement Trophy In 2 Sizes
Cast Metal Achievement Trophy
69.90 - 129.00
Star Trophy on Rosewood Piano Finish Base
Star Trophy On Rosewood Piano Finish Base
Gold Star Figure on American Walnut Base
Star Award with Gold Star Casting on Walnut Base
Minute Legend Resin Trophy
Combat Soldier Resin Trophy
Banner Resin Series 9 Sports 2 Sizes.
Xploding Resin Figures In 10 Styles
Freestanding Eagle Head In Optical Crystal With 8 Base Colors
Fantasy Football Resin on Base
Fantasy Football Armchair QB on Base
Oxford Pewter Trophy Cup with Lid on Base
Engravable Zinc Gold or Silver Trophy Cups
Salisbury Pewter Tray
Salisbury Pewter Chippendale Tray
Salisbury Pewter Bowl in 4 Sizes
Salisbury Pewter Revere Bowl
Eagle on Cliff In Optical Crystal With 8 Base Colors
Salisbury Pewter Images Of America Tray
Antique Gold Eagle Landing
Deep Etched Elephant on Optical Crystal With 8 Base Colors
Sterling Revere Bowls In 3 Sizes
Sterling Silver Trays In 3 Sizes
Pewter Loving Cup with Lid or Base Option
Full Color Banner
Custom Softball Coach's Plaque
Sculpted Ice Acrylic Trophy In 5 Sizes
Spam Can Trophy
Custom Football Helmet Trophy
Custom Duck Trophy
custom baseball glove trophy - perpetual
Custom worn shoe trophy - perpetual
Curved Crystal Crescent on Base
Custom Light Bulb Trophy
Full Color Sublimated Standing Glass Plaques with Pin in 4 Sizes
Large Silver Trophy Cup
Bronze Eagle Head on Base
Custom Medal With Sublimated Disc & Ribbon
Eagle Landing on Base - 4 styles
Eagle and Flag Trophy
Landing Eagle on Walnut Base - 2 Finishes