Military & Service

It's our privilege to pay tribute to the heroes of Vermont who serve us.

Vermont is home to a highly regarded National Guard, which many residents enlist in order to supplement their other employment. We've been delighted to assist them with gifts and ad specialty items on their missions, state visits to or from foreign leaders, signs, recognition medals, and more. We are happy to call them our friends.

Many Vermont Firefighters and Rescue units are made up of volunteers. They spend countless hours training and are prepared to respond to any emergency. Recognizing these people is immensely important, and making and service awards, custom name pins, and more is truly our privilege.

We have worked with awards for the Police Dogs in Vermont as well as name pins and awards for many police departments and the Vermont Troopers. We have statues made for Trooper retirements, and we work with the state Sheriff's association - they are good business partners.

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American Made Walnut Flag Box on base
Vermont Shape Maple Plaque
Chief Master Sergeant Creed Plaque, Patch
Landing Eagle on Walnut Base - 2 Finishes
Eagle and Flag Trophy
Eagle Landing on Base - 4 styles
Cast Bronze Eagle Plaque
Bronze and Glass Eagle Award
Bronze Eagle Head on Base
Firefighter with Rescued Children
Walnut Plaque with Axe Mounted
Swiss Forge Gift Set
Walnut Firefighter Plaque
Red Fire Hydrant Award
Slate and Crystal Plaque
Large Walnut Plaque with Badge
Custom Uniform Name Pin with US Flag
Top and Bottom Tabs for Uniform Name Pin
Uniform Tabs for Rank and Service
Uniform Pin with Top and Bottom Tabs
Rank Tab for Top of Uniform Name Pin
Rank Tab for Uniform Name Pin
Years of Service Tab for Pin Bottom
Silver Frame Uniform Name Pin
Brushed Silver Uniform Name Pin
Shiny Silver Uniform Pin
Bright Gold Uniform Name Pin
Custom Brushed Silver Name Pin
Custom Brushed Gold Name Pin
Custom Brushed Gold Name Pin
Silver Law Enforcement Pin
F-16 Tail in Wood
Engraved Brass Shells
Tanker Prayer on Shell
Custom Maple Award Plaque
Flying Eagle Rosewood Perpetual Plaque
Flying Eagle Perpetual Plaque
Skeleton Clock with Rosewood and Brass
Custom Military Plaques with Knives
Antique Gold Eagle Landing In 3 Sizes
Eagle on Cliff in Optical Crystal
Freestanding Eagle Head In Optical Crystal
Medal And Flag Box In Rosewood Piano Finish
American Made Walnut Flag Box on base
Carved Crystal Eagle On Black Base
Walnut Vermont Shaped Plaque In 2 Sizes
Walnut Vermont Shaped Plaque - Engraved
Vermont Maple Plaque In The Shape of VT
Firefighter Award Plaque Clock
American Walnut Firefighter Award Plaque
American Walnut EMT Award Plaque
American Walnut Maltese Cross Award Plaque
American Walnut Firefighters Award Plaque