Acrylic with Dark Blue Satin Pattern

Acrylic with a dark blue satin draped background with a blue mirror border. The base is black acrylic with a blue mirror top. We laser engrave from the back, through the pattern which leaves the front smooth. Acrylic engraves white which adds superb contrast.

* Prices are subject to change, please check with us.

Variant Name
Part No.
5 x 6.5 acrylic award
Sku: A6865
Dimensions: 5"x1.25"x6.5"
Material: Acrylic
Engraving: Standard ($.60/character)
5 x 7.5 acrylic award
Sku: A6866
Dimensions: 5"x1.5"x7.5"
Material: Acrylic
Engraving: Standard ($.60/character)
5 x 8.5 acrylic award
Sku: A6867
Dimensions: 5"x1.5"x8.5"
Material: Acrylic
Engraving: Standard ($.60/character)

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