Clear Acrylic With Ruby Marbled Background

Clear acrylic (. 75" thick) with ruby marblized background in solid wood base. The colored background means great contrast regardless of the background the standing plaque is set against.

We laser engrave acrylics from the back which leaves the front smooth. The laser makes a very fine, deep, frosty white cut that gives the piece a 3D effect.

* Prices are subject to change, please check with us.

Variant Name
Part No.
small acrylic award
Sku: A4157RU
Dimensions: 5"x1.5"x7.625"
Material: Acrylic, walnut
Engraving: Standard ($.60/character)
6 x 8.625 acrylic award
Sku: A4268RU
Dimensions: 6"x1.5"x8.625"
Material: Acrylic, walnut
Engraving: Standard ($.60/character)
7 x 9.625 acrylic award
Sku: A4379RU
Dimensions: 7"x1.5"x9.625"
Material: Acrylic, walnut
Engraving: Standard ($.60/character)

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