Rosewood Floating Crystal Plaque

Rosewood Floating Crystal Plaque
SKU: FPG1912

Rosewood piano finish board with crystal plate floated off with architectural hardware. Engraved from behind the front stays smooth and the look is very elegant. Can be engraved horizontal or vertical.

We sand carve these awards (similar to sand blasting but with very fine grit and nozzles) from behind, leaving the front smooth. It makes for a lovely deep etch that has depth and clarity. We can paint fill the etching but we think it reduces the 3D look.

* Prices are subject to change, please check with us.

Variant Name
Part No.
10.5 x 13 plaque
Sku: FPG11113
Dimensions: 10.5"x1.25"x13"
Material: WOOD
Engraving: Special ($.88/character)
9 x 12 plaque
Sku: FPG1912
Dimensions: 9"x1.25"x12"
Material: WOOD
Engraving: Special ($.88/character)
8 x 10 plaque
Sku: FPG1810
Dimensions: 8"x1.25"x10"
Material: WOOD
Engraving: Special ($.88/character)

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