Roof Slate Sublimated Plate Standoff Hardware

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SKU: Slate912Sub
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SKU: Slate1215Sub
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SKU: Slate810Sub
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SKU: Slate79Sub

Made here, in our own shop, with Vermont roofing slate with uneven edges gives this custom plaque an industrial air while the full color sublimated plate and standoff hardware make this award very special.

* Prices are subject to change, please check with us.

Variant Name
Part No.
9 x 12 slate
Sku: Slate912Sub
Dimensions: 12"x9"x0.75"
Material: Slate
Engraving: Inclusive
12 x 15 slate
Sku: Slate1215Sub
Dimensions: 12"x15"x0.75"
Material: Slate
Engraving: Inclusive
8 x 10 slate
Sku: Slate810Sub
Dimensions: 8"x10"x0.75"
Material: Slate
Engraving: Inclusive
7 x 9 slate
Sku: Slate79Sub
Dimensions: 7"x9x0.75"
Material: Slate
Engraving: Inclusive

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