Reverse Engraved Plastic

This material is more expensive, no doubt about it. BUT, we see so much defaced signage needing to be replaced it's often quite worth the extra cost. Plus, there are color choices. We engrave from behind which leaves the graphic/text clear. If the sign is going against a colored wall, no paint fill is needed. The pieces in the photo have a variety of clear and color. The cost to paint-fill is $10/color. HERE is a link to the color options - you do need to scroll down a ways.

In my opinion, ALL signage in public places should be reverse engraved - it will last far longer, needs just a swipe to clean, and has a very professional crisp look.

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Variant Name
Part No.
LaserMax Reverse
$.90 psi
Dimensions: .063
Material: Plastic
Engraving: Standard ($.63/character)