Full Color Black Piano Finish Award Plaque

Beautiful hand rubbed piano finish plaque with full color sublimation on white metal.

Sublimation is a process that embeds dyes into coated metal - it is UV stable (won't fade) and permanent and unlike silk-screening can't be picked off.

Pricing is inclusive - there is no letter counting. White aluminum gives us outstanding color options - and if you send a photo it will be on white aluminum adhered atop whatever other color you choose. It is very color true and with the black piano finish makes an eye-catching award.

When available this comes in a plaque box

* Prices are subject to change, please check with us.

Variant Name
Part No.
7 x 9 sublimation
Sku: BP79Wsub
Dimensions: 9"x7"x0.75"
Material: Wood
Engraving: Inclusive
8 x 10 sublimation
Sku: BP810Wsub
Dimensions: 10"x8"x0.75"
Material: Wood
Engraving: Inclusive
9 x 12 sublimation
Sku: BP912Wsub
Dimensions: 12"x9"x0.75"
Material: Wood
Engraving: Inclusive
10 x 13 sublimation
Sku: BP1013Wsub
Dimensions: 13"x10"x0.75"
Material: Wood
Engraving: Inclusive
12 x 15 sublimation
Sku: BP1215Wsub
Dimensions: 12"x15"x0.75"
Material: Wood
Engraving: Inclusive

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