Bamboo Utensils Go With Cutting Board

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SKU: GFT170-171

Genuine bamboo makes these utensils the perfect addition to one of the bamboo cutting boards. Laser engrave very nicely with the caveat that, as a rather stringy wood, laser engraving bamboo causes varying colors and depth. We often paint fill the laser engraving but, if the pieces will be used with food, this is not suggested.

**I've been using these in my kitchen for several years and I like them a lot. They do well in the dishwasher and still look as good as when I brought them home.

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Variant Name
Part No.
Salad Utensils
Sku: GFT170-171
Dimensions: 12"x3"x0.5625"
Material: Wood
Engraving: Standard ($.63/character)