About Us

About Vermont Trophy We are a group of people who believe our tag line
and work to create each award, sign or trophy in such a way that the recipient feels recognized and respected.
  • This is why we don’t laser metal - it is quick and cheap and it looks it
  • Since we won’t make cheap plaques (lasering them) we worked hard to develop an economical alternative because budget aside people deserve to be recognized with respect
  • This is why we invested in a sand blaster - because glass blasted with sand has a depth that catches the light and adds a radiance to the finished product
  • This is why we invested in laser technology because - metals aside - it does a superb job on plastics, acrylics, wood and bricks
  • This is why we have no phone menus - one of the people in the photo above will answer your call 8-5, M-F EST
  • This is why we are constantly finding new products and technologies - why we come to work everyday is to spread the respect we have for our customers and the recipients of our work as far as we can
Vermont Trophy & Engraving was founded in 1959 in Burlington, Vermont. In 1996 Steve and Margi Swett bought the company. In 2010 daughter Jessie joined the team and in 2013 Steve retired. Pictured here are: Jessie, Owner/Engraver; Usha, chocolate lab and Gold Star customer service rep; Scott, Production Manager, Margi, Owner/Engraver, Cory, Sales; Karen, Store Manager; Mike, trophy builder/intern; Dawn, Master Engraver.