2 Layer Thin Flexible Plastic

The Flexi materials are extremely useful for many applications. As they are so thin, they can be wrapped around an object and since they are two ply, we engrave through the top layer to reveal the contrasting color below.

Flexible, lightweight and tough ... FlexiBrass combines the classic crisp definition of real brass with all the advantages of acrylic. FlexiColor is a colorful extension of the popular FlexiBrass collection. Available with or without adhesive.

Full adhesive back adds $.10 psi to the price. We use this material a lot for Police and Fire name pins that have the plastic inside the frame. We've done lots of other stuff and not taken photos (story of my life) and I see that many people in our industry are using it as plaque plate material because it's cheaper than brass - WHAT?!? As the old-time TV character used to say, "What a revoltin' development"

* Prices are subject to change, please check with us.

Variant Name
Part No.
$.45 psi
Dimensions: .020
Material: Plastic
Engraving: Standard ($.60/character)

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