Terms & Conditions

We work very hard everyday to ensure that we exceed our customers’ expectations. It is best when everyone understands what those expectations should be.


Our standard turnaround is one full week. An order we receive on Monday will generally be scheduled for production the following Monday. If it is needed in less time, rush charges may apply, if it is possible at all.

Outside Merchandise

Outside merchandise is accepted at the discretion of the production manager and needs to be seen first. A set up charge will be added as it takes extra time to set our machines for items other than those we sell. For guns and some stainless steel products there may be a charge for replacement diamonds as these products use up the engraving diamonds quickly. Finally we will ask for a 'hold harmless' waiver of liability for any amount over the value of the engraving. We are very careful but machines slip and errors will inevitably occur once in a great while.

Rush Orders

Rushes are done at the discretion of the production manager whose job is to keep production moving smoothly. Additional charges are: same day $50, next day $35 and 2 day $25, beyond that we hope to be able to add into our schedule without disruption.

Copyright Issues

Copyright is a big deal in our world. At $250,000 per instance we cannot afford to flirt with disaster. We will ask that you certify that you have the rights to use any photos/graphics you ask us to use.

Photo Quality

We do loads of work with photographs and one thing we find – things that look great on a computer screen are often horribly pixelated when printed. To see how your photo will look on a finished item, size it to the appropriate size and then print it off – what you see is what you’ll get. If it is poor there may be a few things we can do but the base quality of a photo determines its final appearance.


Sadly, errors occasionally happen. When they do we do everything in our power to get them corrected in time for an event and at no extra cost to the customer.


We offer proofing for an additional charge of $10 per order. This is because of the time it takes to make a proof (our graphic programs cannot be opened by your computer) and the disruption to our schedule. If we receive a reply within 24 hours no change will be made to the due date. If we wait longer than that we will have to move the item out of the schedule and will reschedule when approval/correction is received.

Changes After The Fact

The good thing and bad thing about our work is that it is permanent. If we are given, and act on, incorrect information, we must charge to fix it. Sometimes, as with plaques, it is possible to just replace the metal plate and not the whole plaque but we must charge for the re-engraving.


We cannot accept returns as marked items are not saleable.