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Hooray!! Our new website is here and we hope you love it. As you will no doubt notice right off, there is no shopping cart – and this is by intent.

Our last website didn’t look like we wanted it to and did not function well. When Jessie and I (the owners) sat down with our group to hear what was loved or hated with the site the main shout out from the sales staff was, "We hate the shopping cart!” 

Turns out what they love about their jobs, and what they do best, is working with customers to choose the best item and then to help design its personalization. Having a shopping cart meant that they didn’t have a chance to work with customers until decisions had been made – which often entailed voiding a credit card transaction to start over.

So, we hope you will like our quote system – you can be sure that we will reply very quickly and if the CHAT button is active we will be with you instantly. (If the showroom is full of people or all phone lines are in use we may be a bit longer than an instant)

We’ve been at this website business since 2005 and I am still apologizing for the quality of the photography. We get a few steps ahead and then the work of producing high quality awards, signs, gifts, trophies and funny custom things hits like a tidal wave, it’s all hands on deck, and photography is forgotten. We will be focusing more on this in the year to come.

It would be very helpful to hear feedback about what you like and don’t – and especially what things you’d like to see that are missing. It is an endless job updating products and prices and, with such a small staff, it can often get knocked off the top of the to-do list, so input on what to focus on would be very helpful.

Our hope is that this is the site we’ve been aiming for since 2005 (there have been 4 major versions before this). Attractive is a given but it will be successful if it communicates our passions: to make the best custom products anywhere, to let our customers know they are our top priority, to make the recipients of our products feel that warm glow of affirmation, and to be good corporate citizens by offering living wages, reducing waste more every year and looking to source more and more products locally and responsibly.

We can’t say enough how we appreciate our customer relationships. What’s exciting about our business is that each day is completely different, with new customers and projects and without those of you who trust us to help create ideas or make the ones you have work, the magic would disappear. Thank You All!


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