Magnaflex Perpetual Plaques

Magnaflex Perpetual Plaques
SKU: MA1843
Magnaflex Perpetual Plaques
SKU: MA3043
Magnaflex Perpetual Plaques
SKU: MA5443P

The MagnaFlex Satellite System is specifically designed to adapt the growth of your company and culture. Start with a main header panel, inscribed with your company logo, and add “satellites” as your recognition program unfolds. The Magnaflex Satellite System features a removable light-weight frame and steel panels with pre-screened placement boxes.

Add-on aluminum plates are sold separately and are $5 each. If sublimated (ink embedment into metal) there is no marking charge. If engraved, standard pricing applies.

* Personally I would suggest sublimation for it's very high contrast as well as the economy it offers.

* Prices are subject to change, please check with us.

Variant Name
Part No.
Small Perpetual Plaque
Sku: MA1843
Dimensions: 18.00 x 43.00
Material: Metal
Engraving: Standard ($.51/character)
Medium Perpetual Plaque
Sku: MA3043
Dimensions: 30 x 43
Material: Metal
Engraving: Standard ($.51/character)
Large Center Plaque
Sku: MA5443P
Dimensions: 54.00 x 43.00
Material: Metal
Engraving: Standard ($.51/character)

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