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Jessie Swétel - Lake Champlain Chamber's Rising Star!

See the picture on the right? Do you recognize the very happy man on the far left? That is Vermont's Governor - Phil Scott! He, and everyone else was in on the surprise - just not Jessie (who wondered why so many people were buying her drinks!)

Jessie Swétel, General Manager, part owner and Corporate Secretary of Vermont Trophy & Engraving was most surprised when, attending the Lake Champlain Chamber of Commerce dinner October 19th, her name was called as the 2017 Rising Star. In part, it was her natural modesty, but mostly it was because she had made a Rising Star award with a different name on it! The award she got has a special note on the back - it said "Mom Made" and was made by (mom) Margi while Jessie was totally in the dark.


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