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Happy New Year

Happy 2018! We are looking forward to the coming year as it, hopefully, continues to build the momentum we’ve developed in the last few years. Our plan is to be stronger, more creative, even more customer-service oriented, with new products you’ll love.

Here is a link to our page in the December Vermont Business Magazine Profile issue

This past year we expanded more into project work with UVM, Northwest Medical Center, COTS and others helping to make signage and recognition pieces blend harmoniously. We found we liked it a lot – there’s a chance to make quite a difference and one client told us Jessie’s informed insight saved them considerable expense. This also led to the expansion of local artists and manufacturing companies and we’d love to collaborate more with them. If you are planning a renovation, expansion or new-build, we’d love to help!

Our core continues to be meaningful awards & gifts, creative signs, glassware and some wholesaling. We love recognition awards and believe in their place in creating a workplace culture that makes a business – whether non-profit or for-profit – much more likely to succeed. And budget constraints aren’t nearly as daunting as you might think.

Over the course of the year, I’m planning to use this blog to highlight many recognition statistics, as well as ideas for items from very inexpensive to high-end.

We hope you’ll pause a moment and read – and if you’re interested – shoot me an email to be added to the e-newsletter that comes out about one a month.


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