Frequently Asked Questions

What do I say?

First rule – keep it simple. Eyes get fatigued by too much text and skim right over the message. We are happy to help with this – write out everything you might want to say and we’ll help reduce it to something that stands out – and is read over and over.

How do you decide how to layout awards?

We think always of the recipient and those who see their award. Most important it to get the name right and bold – that’s what causes other’s to look. Second is who the award is from – that causes lookers to want to know why. The message- it answers the why of the award.

How do I choose a name pin?

The first thing we ask is where the pin will be used. If it’s for outside events we emphasize the company name –you want to draw people in with that. It should be readable from 6 feet. Once someone has identified your company and is coming toward you, your name should be clear by 3 feet. If it’s to be used at the company we assume a customer knows where they are but needs your name. Therefore the company name/logo can take a backseat to the individual’s name.

Does your logo have color? Does the company have a brand color? If so sublimation is the way to go. White aluminum is the hardiest and gives the truest color but silver and gold are very nice as well.

If you want a more traditional pin and the company logo/brand has a simple color combination then it is quite possible there is a plastic that works. We can help with this.

The traditional metal engraved pins look very classy but are rather delicate – they need to be kept carefully or their appeal will fade quickly. There are nice frames that set off the metal pins and protect the edges a bit as well.

Why should I buy promotional products through you?

With the ease of ordering these products online we questioned whether to bother offering them but then several customers had bad experiences when mistakes were made and the companies refused to correct them. We do enough of this work to have suppliers who want to keep their relationships with us and therefore step up when mistakes are made or deadlines are tight.

Why do you ask to do layouts for awards?

One of the things that sets Vermont Trophy & Engraving apart is our level of professionalism. We have standards we follow and do thousands of awards each year and have come to know what works. Again, it’s about the recipient getting recognition at the core of the award.

Most people have computers and some are very good at layout – most aren’t professional. So we are happy to do layouts as submitted but we will follow them exactly – and generally we find that people are happier with the products as we design them.

Do you offer billing accounts?

We do offer accounts to our regular customers. After an initial order to establish a relationship we need to have information regarding who handles accounts payable and an email stating giving the EIN and that the company accepts our 30 day terms. If non-profit or resale we need the tax documents to back that up.

Can you engrave something I bought somewhere else?

We do take outside merchandise, with caveats. Naturally we can’t know the quality or engravability of a piece bought elsewhere. All our suppliers guarantee their products but there are many nice looking items that have plating that flakes or other issues. We also cannot assume any liability for other than the engraving amount – there is always the possibility that a machine will slip or, even with care and proofing, that a mistake will be made. That said we do lots of odd stuff, guns, swords, urns and glass.

Why is there a charge to set up a logo?

Engraving machines are controlled by a computer which sends data in vector format – not pixels as you get in photos. And even if we get vector artwork we still have to set the fill patterns and sizing. We think a one-time charge for this work makes sense.

Do you offer discounts?

We really can’t discount our engraving as that is a labor cost but with larger quantities we can see where our price breaks are from our suppliers and work from there.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

We do have some special pricing for schools – please contact us by email to inquire on those. A large percentage of our customers are in the non-profit sector and we just cannot reduce our pricing and still be a viable business – we hope people understand.

Engraving is expensive, isn’t there a cheaper method?

Laser engraving coated metals (what many of our competitors do) is faster and therefore cheaper. We think it looks awful. BUT we do have a lower cost option which is full-color sublimation. Gold metal with black lettering has a very rich look and stands in fairly well for engraving. With colorful logos and borders we think the sublimation process offers awards that really “Pop” and are of high quality as well.

What is full-color sublimation?

Full-color sublimation is a process of embedding special dyes into specially coated metals and plastics. It is permanent and will not fade. We have a white aluminum colored tag that has been outside in Vermont for 3 years and looks as bright and clear as it did originally.

What’s the difference between rotary and laser engraving?

The answer here could be a long article but in general a rotary engraving machine is driven by compressed air which pushes a diamond or carbide tip into material and scrapes a pathway. The engraving tip is driven into the material. A laser is light that burns. For metal that means that the colored coating is burned off, or an applied coating is burned into the metal and the remainder washed off, for plastics the laser burns into the material leaving a path to be filled with paint or clearing one color of material that sits atop another.

We will only do metal with a rotary machine and generally prefer plastics on the laser. Glass is best sandblasted although some more economy glass does very well on the laser.

Do you do rush orders?

We accept rush orders only at the discretion of the production manager. Our production schedule is pretty carefully planned about a week ahead and to take rush orders we need to make sure they don’t impact previously scheduled work. We charge an additional charge of $50 for same day, $35 for next day and $25 for two days.