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Employee of the Month: Usha


Usha recently celebrated her 6 year work anniversary at Vermont Awards and Engraving! She is a Chocolate Labrador Retriever and has been a shop-dog since she was 8 weeks old.  

Since the very beginning, Usha has had a positive influence on our work environment.

Usha makes the whole team laugh as she does laps around the showroom and the production room. This happens on a daily basis, and we are so thankful for her bursts of energy. Her energy is contagious and brings a smile to all of our faces!

Next to Vermont Awards and Engraving is a daycare. On Fridays, the kids at the daycare have the opportunity to ride their bikes and play outside. The kids have gotten to know Usha during their time at daycare, and when they go outside they expect to see Usha. When they do not see Usha, they ask for her because she is not only a dog to play with but also a friend to hang out with. 

Usha has become a guiding light to not only our team and our customers, but to everyone that encounters her in and around the office. 

There is not one customer who does not love and appreciate the presence of Usha. The majority of our clients choose to stop by to simply say hello to Usha, not Margi or the other employees. 

Because of all these reasons and then some, we are naming Usha our Employee of the Month at Vermont Awards and Engraving. Usha is not just a team mascot, she is our #1 employee. She is a constant in our lives, with a smile, a kiss and a hug for each employee and customer. 

Without Usha, Vermont Awards and Engraving would not be the same. The welcoming atmosphere would not be so welcoming and the contagious smile would not be so contagious. We are so thankful for her, and we look forward to having her as our shop dog for at least another 6 years!

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