Classic Trophy Marble Base + Figure +Trim In 3 Sizes

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Local Pickup ONLY! Our traditional series is hard to ship as the marble bases are heavy but for our local customers they are a great choice. The variety of sports and colors of column (as well as white or black marble) make each one unique.

These trophies come on a 6" black or white marble base with rectangular column, figure and trim.

Please let us know what sport and the column color preferred. If you have a logo or event graphic we can make a disc to use in a holder in place of the standard figure.

The "C" size is pictured These are made to order so while 3 are shown an endless # of variations are possible.

* Prices are subject to change, please check with us.

Variant Name
Part No.
9" column
Sku: VTE-9A
Dimensions: 6"x2.5"x15"
Material: marble, plastic
Engraving: Inclusive
10" column
Sku: VTE-9B
Dimensions: 6"x2.5"x16"
Material: marble, plastic
Engraving: Inclusive
11" column trophy
Sku: VTE-9C
Dimensions: 6"x2.5"x17"
Material: marble, plastic
Engraving: Inclusive

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