Recognition Is Important!

Recognition of employees helps businesses have engaged and dedicated employees. It is hugely important and we can help!

The United States loses an estimated $11 Billion due to employee turnover annually!

Even before the pandemic:

·         #1 reason employees leave an organization is that they feel unappreciated (Gostick, Elton)

·         79% of employees who quit their jobs cite lack of appreciation as a primary reason for leaving (Nelson, 1001 ways to reward employees)

·         Only one out of 5 workers believe their supervisor has ever publicly praised them (Wichita University)

·         More than ½ of American workers are classed as not willing to go the extra mile; the disgruntled majority (Towers Perrin)

Employees are now often working in isolation, without the camaraderie and culture of being in a group, others are working too close together, making products, running our stores, riding or driving buses. Recognition of and appreciation for their efforts is tremendously important.

While we make signs and build trophies – it is recognition we do best.

Many companies like ours use one technology for everything they do – whether it makes for a great end product or not. In contrast, we have 5 distinct processes that allow us to use the one that best fits the job.

During the great recession, the best companies we work with understood that recognition was more important than ever, as raises and bonuses were not possible. Frequently their awards budget was tight as well. We found that if they had been using the most expensive process for their awards, we could change to a less expensive process but still produce awards that had the same feel of quality and appreciation.

Our value proposition is that we will work with our customers to create the best awards possible within the budget they set, and we’ll do this with care, and on time. If we make a quote, it is final unless our customer makes changes.