Disaster Hits One of Our Own

Saturday, Jake and his girlfriend Tamika moved into a house they had been renovating for weeks. Sunday afternoon it burned to the ground, taking everything - even their cars. As of Monday Jake is in the ICU due to smoke inhalation. 

In late February, Jacob Curry started work in Sales for us. In less than 2 months many of our customers know him and appreciate his smile, enthusiasm and friendliness. We are terribly worried about Jake and ask anyone with the means to help to click here for the GoFundMe page.

We also need our customers to know that Jake was integral to our smooth functioning as the "Engraver's Spring Tsunami" hits. We don't know how long his recovery will take and we ask you to be patient with us and let us know accurate event dates. We will, as always, do everything we can to fulfill every order, perfectly made and on time, but it will not be easy.

Our customers are always the BEST anywhere and we know you'll help us rise to this.

Thank you, Margi