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Awards and Plaques that Turn Heads

Whether you are looking for a custom design, a sand carving, a rotary engraving or a laser engraving, we will design and create the perfect award or plaque that is sure to turn heads for years to come. 

We take the time to do it right, to ensure that the recipient of the award, gift or sign is special and deserving. We are picky about the method in which we choose for a specific order because we want to create the best outcome. 

Sand Carving

Sand carving is known to provide depth and clarity that is not common with other processes. This is an example of Sand Carving that was used on an award for a Rising Star recipient. 

Rotary Engraving

Rotary Engraving is commonly known to provide the texture and sparkle that is simply not achievable with the quicker laser process. This is an example of a Rotary Engraving that was used on a mug for Vermont Trophy and Engraving

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving is best when being used on plastics, acrylics, leather, and wood. This is an example of a common laser engraving that was used on an award for Dynapower Company

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